Кафедра англійської і німецької філології та перекладу імені професора І. В. Корунця

Institute of Neo-philology and Interdisciplinary Studies of Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities

Invites to participate in The International Scientific Seminar:
Neo-philology at the threshold of the 3rd Millennium
Multiculturalism, integration and relation in literature, culture, linguistics and methodology of teaching foreign languages
The Seminar will be held in Wersal Siedlecki, 20-21st November 2014

The seminar organizers invite proposals for papers related to the main theme including, but not limited to the following research areas:

  1. Issues related to multi-ethnicity, comparison of two cultures, a significance and impact of cultural shock
  2. Issues concerning multi-ethnicity, racial and religious problems in the world in the 21st century
  3. Communication and integration processes in Europe and in the world
  4. Multi-ethnicity, integration and relations in literature and art
  5. Communication, argumentation and contrast in a text
  6. Processes of integration and relations in semantics, phonetics and phonology, syntax, morphology, socio-linguistics, psycholinguistics, pragmatics and discourse analysis, methodology of teaching foreign languages, language acquisition, translations and lexicography.

The languages of the seminar are English and German

On behalf of the Organizing Committee

Prof. dr hab. Leszek Kolek

dr Joanna Stolarek

dr Rafał Kozak

dr Jarosław Wiliński

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