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Now and then the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) takes a few days down for maintenance, and it is safe to go below ground to see the detectors. During one of these stops, Joe Incandela – former spokesperson of CMS, one of the biggest experiments on the LHC – took us down for an informal show and tell. He explains what an extraordinary thing it is that the detector, which was made by thousands of people all over the world, working for two decades, with no prototypes – works at all.

“CERN People” is a new series of short films that goes behind the headlines of some of the biggest physics breakthroughs of our time, introducing the public to a handful of engaging young scientists at the world’s largest research center – home to the Large Hadron Collider and birthplace of the worldwide web!

We have been filming during the most exciting years for particle physics in a generation. Our aim is to give the general public, who have a broad sense of what CERN is, a more personal sense of who particle physicists are and what they actually do.

We have had great access to three CERN experiments: ALPHA, CMS, and some of ATLAS. We were there when the Higgs results were coming together, and when a groundbreaking anti-matter paper was accepted for publication. We captured the emotion of these moments in real time — and such moments in physics are rare. They get headlines and public attention for a few days; our aim is to hold onto it and make the public want to know more, with a series of intimate, intelligent short films that open the door onto the real work of experimental particle physics.

Our focus is primarily on younger physicists — not the people who speak to the cameras when big news is announced, but the ones staying up all night analyzing data, preparing graphs, and tweaking the tools on which big experiment results depend. We talk to them not only about what they do, but why they do it. Perhaps none of them will win the Nobel Prize, even if their work helps others to do so. They will probably never have the first-class lifestyle of their friends who went into the private sector, where mathematical brains like theirs can make millions. And as a rule, they don’t care.

About CERN People, Liz Mermin, and Crowhill Films
CERN People is directed by Liz Mermin and produced by Crow Hill Films. Liz Mermin (www.merminfilm.com) is a London-based director from New York who directs fast-paced, character-driven documentary features telling stories about contemporary society and culture – from the personality quirks of charismatic Irish racehorses to culture clashes between Afghan and American hairdressers to the ties between Bollywood and terrorism. Her films are broadcast, released theatrically, and shown in festivals worldwide; reviewers praise their humor, sensitivity, and attention to character. As an undergraduate, Mermin was an instructor on a popular physics course called “Space Time and Motion,” which was of some help in making this series (as was her father, an emeritus professor of theoretical physics at Cornell). She runs the multimedia program at the Thomson Reuters Foundation. Crow Hill Films (crowhillfilms.com/) was founded by Aisling Ahmed in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2009 and expanded to Galway, Ireland, in 2012.

About the Series Sponsors:
CERN People is produced with the generous support of the Science and Technologies Facilities Council and the Irish Film Board. The Science and Technologies Facilities Council (http://www.stfc.ac.uk/home.aspx) is one of the UK’s seven publicly funded Research Councils responsible for supporting, coordinating and promoting research, innovation and skills development to drive science and technology forward for the benefit of the United Kingdom and its people. The Irish Film Board (http://www.irishfilmboard.ie/) is the national development agency for the Irish film, television and animation industry, investing in talent, creativity, and enterprise. The agency supports Irish companies by providing investment loans for the development, production and distribution of film, television and animation projects.

About INT:
Intelligent Television (www.intelligenttelevision.com), based in New York, produces innovative films, television, and online video in close association with leading cultural and educational institutions and renowned directors and cinematographers worldwide. INT also produces the Intelligent Channel with Google’s investment and support on YouTube.

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