Interpreting jokes

Jokes and witticisms are a notorious challenge for any interpreter. Our friends Matthew the interpreter and Matthew the stand-up comedian talk about the matter.


Interpreting negotiations of Treaty of Rome

On 26 June 1956, negotiations on treaties to establish an European Economic Community and an Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) started between Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and The Netherlands at the small castle of Val Duchesse on the outskirts of Brussels. With the European Coal and Steel Communitiy they were to form the European Communities, later the EC and now the European Union.

Two of the interpreters at the Intergovernmental Conference that drew up the Treaties of Rome (signed in 1957) talk about the working conditions at the time and the atmosphere of the negotiations.

The negotiations lasted nine months and were carried through with a team of 6 interpreters, first in consecutive and later on also in simultaneous. The team was put together by Renée van Hoof, who went on to become the first Director General of the European Commission’s interpreting service, later DG SCIC or DG Interpretation. Dieter Frisch, member of the interpreting team and later to become Director General of Development after leaving the interpreting service, appears as well.

This is an excerpt from Living Memory, with text, narration and video by Susan Roberts and interviews by Ian Andersen. © VideoSCIC, European Commission 2003.


English in the European Union — Worlds of English


Conference Interpreting — Simultaneous Interpretation Tips and Hazards

This video examines what is needed when it comes to selecting a conference interpreting company for your business meeting or conference. It also explains the difference between simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpreting. In the process, it also answers the question: «What is simultaneous interpretation?»


Memory Tricks


Holly Mikkelson: «Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Court Interpreting»

Glendon was proud to welcome Professor Holly Mikkelson of the Monterey Institute of International Studies on November 22. Her talk looked at the particularities of interpreting in the court setting, and she described the current and future states of research on the topic.


Interpreting in a Globalised World

This short video describes the work of interpreters at the United Nations and the European Parliament, highlighting common features of multilingualism, while shedding light on the challenge facing both organizations — that of a shortage of qualified and skilled interpreters. The movie was shot in 2011, when Mr. Miguel Angel Martinez Martinez, Vice President of the European Union Parliament, visited United Nations Headquarters in New York. Mr. Martinez was received by the Under-Secretary-General for General Assembly and Conference Management, Mr. Shaaban M. Shaaban. During the visit, Mr. Martinez met briefly with Mr. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, President of the 66th session of the General Assembly, and was given a tour of the General Assembly hall and the Department’s Interpretation Service.
[Video Co-produced by the European Union Parliament Directorate General for Interpretation and Conferences and the United Nations Department for General Assembly and Conference Management]


A Day in The Life: Interpreters

This was a documentary style short i was commissioned to help promote the University of New South Wale’s Masters degree in Interpreting and Translation. Thanks to Ludmilla and her class who were great subjects, allowing me to follow her and the class at such short notice. The awesome music used here was created by the awesome «Postmodern Escape Artist»


Відеорепортаж телеканалу Тоніс про шоу «Містер КНЛУ»


Political correctness gone too far? ‘Brown bag,’ ‘citizens’ a no-no


A recent memo to public affairs officers at Seattle city agencies pointed out that the terms «brown bag» and «citizens» could be offensive to some.

Usually, «brown bag» refers to a bring-your-own lunch event or simply a sack lunch. Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn has had frequent so-called brown-bag lunch events with media or the public.

But the term «brown bag» also refers to intra-racial discrimination from the segregation era. African-Americans used a «brown bag test» to discriminate against other African-Americans. Those with skin darker than the color of a paper bag were not allowed to join elite clubs and churches.

“For me it’s not a negative connotation, says Cheryl Shaw an African-American who lives in Seattle, «but you have to be careful with whom you’re speaking to about that.»

Another African-American from Seattle, Javon Buckley, believes the term has its origins in the way slave masters used to divide their slaves against each other. But he doesn’t take offense to the term now.

“The color of the bag is brown; there’s nothing else to it,» he said. «It’s pretty clean-cut to me.»

Elliott Bronstein, communications coordinator of the Seattle Office for Civil Rights, sent the memo after hearing from about a dozen people over the years that they were offended by the term. But he said reports that Seattle is banning the term are wrong.

«The City of Seattle has not banned any terms,» he said.» We have not laid down any hard rules on the use of terms.»

The same goes for the term «citizen,» also included in Bronstein’s memo. A naturalized U.S. citizen from Canada, Bronstein said the term can inadvertently excluded some of the people the city is trying to reach.

“’Citizens’ is a different case: We sometimes use it as another way of saying ‘members of the public’ — except for all the members of the public who aren’t actually citizens but who live and work here,» his memo said.

But Seattle resident Dale Walters doesn’t feel the term is exclusive.

«I don’t like that idea, I disagree with them,» Walters said.

However, Ethiopian Immigrant Isaiah Grebremichael is not a U.S. citizen. He believes it would be better to say, «Hello people, hello everybody,» instead.

Asked if his memo was political correctness run amok, Bronstein said, «I don’t think so. There was no effort to forbid any one from using any term. This was really just a friendly suggestion.»

Source: http://www.kirotv.com/news/news/political-correctness-gone-too-far-brown-bag-citiz/nZCMY/


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Всероссийский конгресс переводчиков (видеолекции)

Источник: http://www.multiforma.ru/congress/


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